Craft Room Must-Haves

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Your craft room isn’t complete without these craft room must-haves! These are the craft tools and blanks I use and love when I make stuff and I know you will love and use them too!

Craft Tools

Weeding Tool

I love this weeding tool because it is sharp and makes it really easy to pick up small pieces when weeding.

LED Trace Light Pad

Not necessarily a necessity but this light pad is so nice to have! I typically use it when I’m weeding white vinyl so that I can see where all my cut lines are and it works perfectly! It’s not as big as a 12×12 piece of vinyl (this one is 14×10) but it works well and you can easily move the vinyl around the pad until you’ve weeded it all.

Weeding Vinyl Tool Ring

If you like to cut and weed complex designs this weeding vinyl tool ring would be perfect for you! It holds all of the weeded pieces until you’re ready to pull them out and throw them away. No more getting vinyl stuck to your hands, clothes, or hair!

Heat Press Mat

If you use a Cricut EasyPress you’ll need a heat press mat. You put it under the shirt and it gives you a nice even surface to press down on. I have a few different sizes but the 12×12 is the perfect size to start out with!

VLR – Vinyl Remover Solvent

If you’ve ever messed up on a heat transfer design on a t-shirt, you need this remover! It is a lifesaver when you mess up and need to remove a small piece of vinyl. It’s $24 but a little bit goes a long way. I’ve had my bottle for more than 2 years and I still have 3/4’s of it left!

I even wrote a whole post on why you need this in your craft room.

The Best Craft Blanks on Amazon

Acrylic Craft Blanks

Amazon has all types of craft blanks, but if you’re a beginner acrylic blanks are really fun to play around with! They’re perfect to use with adhesive vinyl from Expressions Vinyl!

Beer Can Cooler Sleeve

These sleeves are perfect party favors to personalize with heat transfer vinyl! It’s a fun and easy craft to do and they’re always a hit.

Stemless Wine Tumbler

Girls weekend or a bachelorette weekend coming up? These are a huge hit to personalize for your girlfriends using adhesive vinyl! These come in a ton of colors and are very highly rated on Amazon. Scroll down to the reviews to see how everyone has personalized theirs!

Acrylic Tumblers

These tumblers are used to personalize with names or even stickers. They’re a little too skinny for the Starbucks logo but if you’re looking for a way to keep your iced coffee to yourself, putting your name on it will do the trick!

Cotton Canvas Tote Bags

I’ve used canvas tote bags to make a Harry Potter bag and Halloween trick or treat bags. There are so many uses for these bags and they’re another great beginner craft to try!

You’ll also need the heat press mat for these!