October Feature Spotlight: Kent Heartstrings

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This month I had the opportunity to get to know Cassie from Kent Heartstrings, and I am so glad she chose to sponsor the blog.  My favorite thing about Cassie’s blog is how down to earth she is and all of the photos of her children.  They’re adorable.

If you haven’t met Cassie before, head over to her blog now and check her out!  But if you have and you want to get to know her better, keep reading.  We’re getting personal on the blog today y’all!

Cassie from Kent Heartstrings

Kent Heartstrings is a blog that documents our family’s encounter with things in life that tug of on our heart. You will find many ways to express your creativity, mommy thoughts, DIY projects and all sorts of family things. My hope is that my ramblings will bring you joy and hopefully inspire and in turn will tug on your heartstrings.

What are some things that are inspiring you lately?

  • Fall and all the colors that come with it, so much to take in and be inspired by!
  • Cozniess just creating the overall feel of “Cozy”…whether its in color accents around your home, or a warm blanket or a yummy soup, I am so inspired to make my home a warm and cozy place.

What are your favorite posts that you’d recommend for people visiting your site for the first time?

Cassie from Kent Heartstrings Cassie from Kent Heartstrings

Cassie from Kent Heartstrings
What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

Just fun and festive time with family. I love that the holidays basically throws people together, makes you spend quality time and just enjoy each others company… Its how life should always be (minus the frantic busy-ness that comes with the holidays). Also, all the “traditions” that comes along with holidays, you always have a certain thing or things that you look forward to doing every year, I love all the nostalgia!


Thank you so much to Cassie for being a sponsor last month, and for giving us the opportunity to know you a little bit better!

If you’d love to follow along with Cassie on social media, you can find her here:
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