Life Story Binder Part 2: Materials

Remember my idea to make Chris a Life Story Binder?  Well, I’ve finally got all the supplies I need and am ready to start putting it together!

My goal price was to spend $20 or less.  Let’s see if I was able to accomplish that!

Price List:

  • Shutterfly Photo Prints : $4.06 (I received 50 free 4×6 prints through a promotion and only had to pay tax and shipping)
  • Photo Album Insert Pages : this plan backfired.  The 4×6 photo pages available at Target do not fit in a regular 3-ring binder.  Plan B is to make scrapbook pages for which I already have the materials!
  • Binder : already owned!
  • Sheet Protectors : already owned! (Costco sells 100 for $10 which I will be getting if and when I need more!)
Total Cost : $4.06 
I came in $15.94 under budget!    
I really lucked out by already owning most of the items I needed.  My wallet is happy and I’m ready to get cracking on this project!  I plan to do a little at a time that way I don’t become overwhelmed and want to stop working on the binder all-together.  
I’ve also been tweaking my suggestion list here and there so I can make sure I include everything that I want to.  The one part I am most excited about is including Chris’s Family Tree from  He’s worked hard on it for a few years now and is always so excited when he finds something new about his family.  
And, because he is so into video games (especially World of Warcraft), I want to include a section with pictures of him and his guild members, stats about the character he plays, and notes about the Guilds he has been in.  I’m expecting this part to be a huge surprise because I don’t think Chris would ever expect me to be knowledgeable about his game and I already know I’m going to have to figure out some unconventional and crafty ways to get some of the more vital information. 
Those are just two of the ways that I tweaked my list to include things about Chris that I find special and endearing.  Most of the other categories are from all things simple’s original suggestion list.  
Stay tuned to see how everything turns out!

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