Organizing Your Fridge

Do you have one spot in your house that you organize over and over?  One spot that, no matter how many times you re-do it, it just never seems good enough?  That spot for me is my refrigerator.  For some reason, I am never satisfied with how it turns out.  Which always leads me to either reevaluate or just leave it messy.  Usually I just leave it messy because I don’t want to deal with it anymore.


I’ve been living with a mess for so long, that I really wasn’t going out and looking for ways to solve it anymore.  I honestly thought it was something I’d just have to live with.  One of those unsolvable spots in my home.  So when I walked by a box of clear organizing bins for the refrigerator in Sam’s Club, I didn’t really think anything of it.  I circled around the store once, and came back to them.  I must’ve been standing in front of the display for five minutes or more just thinking of how I could use them.  Finally I decided to grab them and checkout.  I could take control of the mess now, or leave it forever.  I chose to take action. What did I have to lose?

6 piece Stackable Fridge Bins from Sam's Club
6 piece Stackable Fridge Bins from Sam’s Club

Over the past few days, I’ve continually moved the bins around to see which places I liked them in best.  I’ve also changed out what is in the bins because I find that some things don’t need to be in them, while others do.  It’s a constant work in progress.  One that I think I will keep changing, because I can never stay completely satisfied with something for long.  I’m always looking to make things more efficient (anyone else have that problem?).

fridge organization

  1. Small storage bins (x2) that can hold yogurts, pudding snack packs for lunches, and smaller dairy items like half and half or heavy cream.
  2. (2) Large bins and an egg bin.  Large bins hold fruit and veggies that won’t fit in the bottom drawers of the fridge.
  3. Drink holder.
  4. Vinyl mats (x6).  I have a vinyl mat on every shelf in my fridge to keep it clean.  To make sure they would fit, I had to cut them down a bit and round the edges, which did take a bit of time.  I am hoping it’ll make it easier to clean up any accidental spills that always seem to happen.
  5. Lazy Susan.  I found this beautiful marble one at World Market yesterday and I fell in love!  It’s large enough to fit the large bins of butter and sour cream I buy at Sam’s Club, along with a few condiments.

Initially I wanted to label the front of the bins, because I thought that would help me identify everything in them.  Now that I think about it though, I don’t think it’s something I want to do. Because the bins are clear, I can already see everything I have very easily.  Instead, I use labels for the leftover food we have (like my red beans and cauliflower rice on the top shelf) so I have a reminder of how long it’s been in the fridge.  And hopefully that’ll mean we’re less likely to waste food because we forgot how long it had been in there.

And...after I uploaded this picture I realized that I pulled out the wrong top.  Oops!
And…after I uploaded this picture I realized that I pulled out the wrong top.  Oops!

Chris doesn’t think this organization will last.  Maybe he’s right.  I mean, he does know me really well.  But I am hoping it will.  I’m tired of a messy and unorganized fridge.  Check back with me in a few weeks…and we’ll see how this is all working out for me.

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What do you think?

Is your fridge organized?  What tips or tricks do you have for keeping everything in place? What suggestions do you have for organizing those two bottom bins for large fruit and vegetables?  I’m at a loss!

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