DIY Halloween Wreath

This DIY Halloween wreath is the very first wreath I have ever made! It was super simple and I absolutely loved the creative process, so I look forward to making many more of these!

The first thing I did was go to Michaels to get some supplies. I knew I wanted to do something with flowers so I just grabbed anything that inspired me. The orange and green ribbon were things that I already had in my stash. 😉

I decided that it would look better if I painted it, so I painted it black and let it dry overnight. Don’t you like my Christmas table cloth? Haha It’s what I always use when I’m painting! lol

After painting, I wrapped the orange ribbon around it and secured the ribbon with some glue dots.

Next, I added the flowers and leaves. The flowers are gorgeous! Pictures just don’t do them justice. They are covered with glitter, so they look elegant but also spooky at the same time. Is there a better combo than that?! No, there isn’t. ;-)Three of the flowers were clips so I just had to clip them onto the ribbon and the leaves were glued on with a hot glue gun. I was so in love with how it looked at this point, I almost left it like this! Almost. lol It was nice, but a little plain for my taste (which is usually over-the-top and eccentric).

Using hot glue, I stuck the leftover orange leaves to the ribbon. You can see some of the sparkles in this pic!

In order to add the (sparkly) skulls, I poked a hole in the back of them with a skewer and then shoved the skewer into the Styrofoam. Before sliding them on, I put a bit of hot glue to reinforce them.

I glued the purple one onto the bottom flower (there was only one purple in the pack) and a silver one in the middle of the orange and black flower on top. Then I used the green ribbon to hang it!

Initially, I wanted to add more–like a sign in the middle or a banner–but I ultimately decided against it because I just thought it was great like this. There are already a lot of different elements and textures and I really did not want to distract from those fabulously spooky flowers!

I absolutely adore the way this came out–especially for my very first wreath! The pictures just don’t do it justice, though–it’s much more glittery in person, I promise! 😉

Do you have a Halloween wreath for your house?


Thank you Alexis for sharing this amazing Halloween wreath!  I have to say that I love the sparkles mixed in with the spooky.

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  1. This came out so cute! I love the idea of painting the Styrofoam first, I’m definitely going to have to use the trick on some upcoming holiday projects!

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