Keeping Yourself Accountable After Having a Baby

I knew that once the baby got here things would be different. I was (somewhat) prepared for the sleepless nights, the on-demand eating schedule, and the fact that the days were no longer going to be mine. But what I wasn’t prepared for AT ALL was that I wasn’t going to able to somewhat keep my cleaning/shopping schedule anymore. And that keeping myself accountable to keep up with those things was going to be near impossible. To be honest, even six months after having him I’m still finding that part hard.

If you're struggling to get things done at home with a new baby, these four tips for keeping yourself accountable are sure to help! You can even make cute stickers with your Silhouette Machine & free SVG files to keep you motivated!

I had no idea what a luxury it was to get up and go to the store any time I needed to when I was pregnant. Or how easy it was to get in and out of a store without a baby in tow. No amount of advice from other parents could have prepared me for how difficult it would be once my baby was here.

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Four Ways for Keeping Yourself Accountable:

If you're struggling to get things done at home with a new baby, these four tips for keeping yourself accountable are sure to help! You can even make cute stickers with your Silhouette Machine & free SVG files to keep you motivated!

Make a schedule – This has been key for me lately in order to get things done. Mostly I try to schedule my days out on the weekends, because Chris is home and can watch our little man so that I am able to go out and go shopping if I need to (mostly grocery shopping and laundry gets done on these days!). But on the days where I know I have to go out because of doctor appointments and such, it’s much easier to do when I have a schedule!

But I also realize that a baby dictates the schedule, so sometimes I have to deviate from the plan a bit. And that’s okay!

Ask for help – I hate admitting that I need help, but having a baby has shoved me head first into this harsh reality: I cannot do this on my own. I just can’t. The housework, keeping the kid happy and healthy, keeping MYSELF happy and healthy….it’s a team effort. They say raising a child takes a village, and I finally understand that sentiment! Lately I’ve been asking Chris to help me out even more, and he has stepped up in a big way. When he comes into the room and grabs the little guy from me, it gives me the opportunity to go and do all the things I’ve put off during the week. It truly is a huge help!

If you're struggling to get things done at home with a new baby, these four tips for keeping yourself accountable are sure to help! You can even make cute stickers with your Silhouette Machine & free SVG files to keep you motivated!

Write it down  –  Am I the only one who does better when I write down my intentions for the day? If I can get my butt out of bed before the baby wakes up, I like to sit down with my cup of coffee and write down what I need and want to do that day. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying I’ll do the dirty dishes during nap time. Other times it’s a small list of quick cleaning projects to do in thirty minutes. Writing down what I need to do that day makes me more motivated to get it done. Even if I’m still wearing my pj’s while doing it!

Use a Planner  –  For this year I finally broke down and bought the Erin Condren Hourly Life Planner because of all the doctors appointments our child has and it has been great to keep track of it all. I’m usually pretty terrible about using planners to keep track of all the things I have to do, but this planner is keeping me honest. My favorite ways to keep myself accountable in my planner are to use stickers. Chore stickers, health stickers, whatever floats my boat! And do you know that I finally figured out how to make stickers with my Silhouette? And it’s actually super easy!

If you're struggling to get things done at home with a new baby, these four tips for keeping yourself accountable are sure to help! You can even make cute stickers with your Silhouette Machine & free SVG files to keep you motivated!

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If you want to make your own stickers, here’s how:

Materials  –

Download the Sticker Files here!

First, Make your design (I made my grocery stickers in photoshop and brought it into the Silhouette Design Studio), select it, and click “no cut”.

Then, add another shape that’s a tad bit bigger around your design and click “cut edge”.

Next click Registration Marks and under style select Type 1.  This will tell your Silhouette where the edge of your paper is!

After that click on the Replicate tab and select Fill Page.  Now you’re ready to send the images to your printer!

Once your image is printed onto your paper, load the paper into your Silhouette.

When you’re loading the paper into your Silhouette you have to make sure you’re doing it right.  If you don’t your stickers will not get cut right!  So…here’s how you do it:

1.  Make sure your paper is properly lined up with the top line of your Silhouette mat.
2.  On your Silhouette there are three lines by the blade.  Your mat must be lined up with the second line.  As shown here:

Now, in your Silhouette Design Studio click the Registration Marks Window.  Click default and then head over to your Cut Settings.

Select the White Sticker Paper under materials, make sure your blade is on the correct setting, and then click Send to Silhouette.

Your Silhouette will first make sure it can read your registration marks and then (if it can) will go on to cut your stickers.  When it’s done you should get the perfect kiss cut!

My stickers cut perfectly the first time and I am super excited about it!  Now that I’ve finally tested the print and cut method I know I’ll have a lot more projects up my sleeves in the future!

Keeping Yourself Accountable HERO Image

Download the Sticker Files here!

No matter how you decide to keep yourself accountable after a baby, there is one thing we all need to understand: this takes time. Adjusting to your new normal is hard and downright exhausting. If your house isn’t getting cleaned as often as before, it’s okay. If the dirty dishes are piling up and you have to put them off for another day, don’t worry about it. Your baby is only small for such a small period of time, enjoy it! The chores and endless amounts of laundry will always be there. Don’t beat yourself up if things aren’t perfect. When your routine becomes a little bit more normal, you’ll slowly be able to hold yourself accountable again. Until then sit back, relax, and NAP. Because no matter what, naps never go out of style.


  1. I kept a written to-do list for a long time after having my first baby. As soon as I got into a good routine, I ended up getting pregnant with #2 and had to re-do the whole thing 🙂

  2. This is a awesome list and tips I definitely should have done this but didn’t now they are a little older it’s easier but still important

  3. I am still using a written to-do list and my oldest just turned 21! I find it much easier to see what I have left if I have everything else “scratched off”. Those water stickers are a must..I keep forgetting to hydrate!

  4. I’m all for scheduling everything for every day of the week. I keep a planner and two notebooks just to keep myself organized, at least for my family’s sake. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.

  5. Babies change everything! But in a good way 🙂 I would be lost without my planner, and I think you are very wise for starting with one now. It will only get busier as time goes on. Thanks, too, for the Silhouette tutorial. I recently bought one, and this will be handy!

  6. There is no shame in asking for help and you are right planners are so handy I am waiting for my new one to come through the post. The Blogger Journal by another blogger x

  7. Making lists def help me get things done. If I have a list to go through I’m more likely to do and remember I need to do it. Otherwise I may forget.

  8. Wow your tips are so so good. I love the planner, where did you get it? I love to stay organised. So important to keep everything in order. Fab post!

  9. What a fantastic tutorial to make stickers… and technically Im not a new mom of a child, but my blog is just as demanding so I can use ALL of these tipS!

  10. I am not there yet, but by reading posts like that I understand that my whole life will change and I will need plans like these

  11. This is awesome! I think it can be sor hard to keep going for awhile after a baby. All I wanted was sleep!

  12. This is such an awesome idea and tutorial even if you’re not living life after baby right now. Thanks.

  13. I Have 4 kids and when they were wee no set schedule for Mom. I love your plan and schedule I am going to give to my nephew and new niece having a baby, Your ideas help to keep new families on track

  14. You are so well organized even though your hands are full. You have an awesome tutorial with helpful details.

  15. way to be organized! these are great tips for after having a baby – especially the one about asking for help – that is so important to recognize

  16. Oh – I was so surprised at how much laundry came along with a new baby! Such a small person went through a lot of clothes! I had three under the age of 4 1/2 and I found out it was ok to ask for help when needed.

  17. I think we need to stay accountable at all times, not just after a baby! I have two not so baby boys and still have trouble getting to the supermarket 🙂

  18. OMG! That was so applicable for me. I really needed to read this especially now that I’m about 6 ish weeks away from the D day 🙂 Can’t wait to apply some of your techniques. I have two toddlers also so being accountable is all the more important now!

  19. Omg great tips!!!! Unfortunately for me though asking for help is easier said than done. The rest of this… Yes 😉

  20. Would you believe me when I tell you that I bought Silhouette Design Studio two winters ago and still didn’t find time to unpack it! In my defense, it was right about time I had my third child, so things were pretty crazy. And as soon as things started to get a bit easier, I started blogging…

  21. These are SO cute!!! I seriously need to buy some from you 😉 Amen to making a schedule. I need to get myself on one now that Grey is somewhat on one!

    1. Thank you! I’m not going to lie, my schedule has gone out the window lately. These kids and their crazy schedules. Just when you think they’re on one they change things on you.

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