Things I'll Never Do at the Disney Parks

Keeping on with the Disney bucket list post I had going on earlier this week, I thought it would be fun to write down all the stuff I won’t ever do while at the parks.

What I'll Never Do at the Disney Parks

  1. Wear high heels.  No matter how cute you think you look, you’ll never want to sacrifice comfort for beauty.  Just have fun!  Going to Disney isn’t a fashion show.
  2. Ride the Ferris Wheel at Disney’s California Adventures.  I hate ferris wheels.
  3. Eat a turkey leg.  Sorry to those who like them, but I think they look disgusting.
  4. Ride the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland.  Going underwater in that teeny tiny submarine scares the crap out of me.
  5. Take a newborn to the parks.  There won’t be much for the baby to do besides take pictures with the characters and you won’t be able to do much yourself.  I think it’s wise to wait until they’re a little older!  (I say this now but who knows, I may change my mind on this one in later years)
  6. Ride the Dinosaur! ride at Animal Kingdom.  Chris is anti that ride (I don’t mind it), unless it’s the Indiana Jones version at Disneyland.
  7. Stand in line for SOARIN’.  It’s a fun ride, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not all about that 90+ minute wait.  Get a Fastpass if you can!
  8. Visit the parks during the summer.  There is nothing worse than walking outside of your hotel and feeling like your skin is melting off.  I love going in the Fall or the Spring.  It’s the only way to do Disney!

So, are there any things you would never do at the Disney parks?  Or are you willing to try anything when you’re at the happiest place on Earth?


  1. You know you are so taking your baby to Disney! I can already see the picture of the baby with Mickey ears and the castle in the background.

    1. Anytime after the six month mark! At least, that’s what I say now. Although, you know me well so you’re probably right. 😉

  2. I don’t blame you on the newborn one, but, isn’t that what Grandma’s are for?? 🙂 It would be hard though, someone would always have to ‘sit out’ with the baby, plus all the extras you would have to pack/carry.

    #1 on my list : try to avoid going to Disney. But I don’t see that happening, husband went as a kid, so I’m sure our kiddos will want to go too.

    1. That’s exactly what Grandma’s are for! 😉 I really don’t want to have to use a stroller at the parks either, but I definitely couldn’t stay away from the parks until all of our future kids are out of those. haha

      Disney is so much fun! I think you’d be surprised how much you’ll enjoy it if/when you go. I mean, it IS the happiest place on Earth. 😉

  3. I’ll never go on the submarine ride either. Deep ocean water freaks me out. I could never go on a cruise cause of it, too! Fun list!


    1. Thank you, Daniela! There’s just something about being in that tiny boat that freaks me out. Glad to know I’m not the only one! 😉

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