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No Hugs or Kisses Just Valentine Wishes Free SVG Cut File

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Use this No Hugs or Kisses Just Valentine Wishes free svg cut file on t-shirts, onesies, baby bibs and so much more!

Making t-shirts for any occasion is my favorite type of craft to make.

Whether it be heat transfer vinyl decals on t-shirts, onesies, pillows, aprons or more….you can put free svg cut files on it all!

But t-shirts are still my favorite. And this No hugs or kisses Valentine svg is absolutely perfect for a pink shirt to wear on February 14th!

Since I have a five year old who is obsessed with the color red, I used one of his old blank t-shirts I bought from Jiffy Shirts to put this Valentine svg file on.

This Valentine’s Day t-shirt is a great craft for beginners and gives you the perfect excuse to use heat transfer vinyl.

Tips for using heat transfer vinyl with this No Hugs or Kisses Valentine’s Day SVG File!

What is the best type of heat transfer vinyl to use on t-shirts?

Using easyweed heat transfer vinyl is the best for t-shirts (in my opinion). Like its name suggests, it is very easy to weed and cuts smoothly.

I buy all of my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl, and you can find their Easyweed HTV here!

What is the best type of heat press for t-shirts?

There are three different tools you can use to press your htv on t-shirts. Each of them have their own pros and cons, so lets quickly go over them here!

IRON: Using an iron won’t give you an even press so I do not recommend using an iron if you are making shirts for others or ones that you want to last.

If you are just starting out or are doing lots of small projects an iron will work. Just make sure you aren’t using the steam setting when you press your designs! You won’t get even heat if you’re using it.

CRICUT EASYPRESS: Something like a Cricut EasyPress is a good option as long as you use a good amount of pressure on the press while you’re using it. If you’re pressing anything bigger than 9×9 you’ll want to upgrade to a traditional heat press because you won’t get an even pressure. But if you’re doing small projects a Cricut EasyPress will work really well!

HEAT PRESS: If you want to make start a business where you sell t-shirts or if you make a lot of them for family and friends, a traditional 15×15 heat press is a really good option for you. A large heat press will give you even pressure every single time and its great for bigger projects.

How do I make sure my vinyl design is straight on my t-shirt?

My favorite tip I have ever learned is to fold my shirt in half and iron the crease. Then, when you open the shirt, you’ll see a faint line right down the center of your shirt!

You can also fold your vinyl decal in half (make sure the sticky side of the transfer tape is on the outside) to find the center of your design! Just don’t fold the vinyl…only the transfer paper!

I like to draw a box around the design in the Silhouette software before I hit cut so that its easy to find the center of my design once it is cut. Just make sure you center the box and the design in the software, otherwise the box is useless!

Why is my vinyl not sticking to my shirt?

Whenever vinyl has issues sticking to a shirt it is usually because you’re not applying enough pressure or you haven’t pressed for long enough.

If you try to pull up your transfer paper and your heat transfer vinyl comes up with it, place it back on your shirt and press for another 10-15 seconds, and use lots of pressure! Keep doing this until your entire design is adhered to the shirt.

If you’re using a Cricut EasyPress, this heat guide that is on their site is always helpful to me. I have it bookmarked on my computer so I can easily pull it up any time I need to.

How big do you make vinyl decals for t-shirts?

It depends on the size of your shirt, but I have a free sizing and placement guide that’ll help you figure out the perfect size decal for your t-shirts!

You can grab it here!


What is the difference between heat transfer vinyl and adhesive vinyl?

Adhesive vinyl will always have a white paper backing and be sticky to the touch when you peel the vinyl off the backing. Adhesive vinyl is used for things like coffee mugs, tumblers and car decals.

Heat transfer vinyl has a clear carrier sheet that lays on top of the vinyl to protect it when you put heat on it. The other side of heat transfer vinyl is the adhesive but it is not sticky to the touch. When you cut heat transfer vinyl you must cut on the adhesive side! You can use heat transfer vinyl on t-shirts, pillow cases, blankets and more.

How long does heat transfer vinyl last on shirts?

This really depends on the type of heat press you use and the amount of pressure you use to adhere the vinyl to your shirt. Make sure you’re using even pressure and the right amount of heat!

And always turn your shirts inside out when you wash them. For best (and long lasting) results wash it on cold! You should never throw a shirt that has heat transfer vinyl on it in the dryer though, the heat can make the vinyl peel up.

Other t-shirt crafts to make!

Let’s make a shirt with our No Hugs or Kisses Just Valentine Wishes SVG Cut File!

No Hugs or Kisses Just Valentine Wishes SVG Cut File

No Hugs or Kisses Just Valentine Wishes SVG Cut File

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy



  1. Download the Valentine SVG and open it up in your Silhouette software.
  2. Resize the design and then draw a box around it. Make sure to center both the box and design. Then FLIP HORIZONTALLY and hit CUT.
  3. Weed all the negative space in your design including the box that you cut around your design.
  4. Fold your design in half to find the center. You can use the lines from the square you drew around the design in Silhouette Studio to help you find the center!
  5. Make sure the sticky side of your carrier sheet is on the outside when you fold!
  6. Now heat up your EasyPress. While its heating up fold your t-shirt in half and lay it on top of your heat press pillow.
  7. Iron the shirt crease. When you open it you'll see a faint line down the center. This will help you line up your vinyl design so that its in the center of your shirt! You can also fold the shirt in the middle and iron that crease as well if you want to!
  8. Lay the design on your shirt and place the teflon sheet on top. Then press your design with your heat press!
  9. Slowly pull up your carrier sheet (it's hot so be careful or else you could burn your fingers!). If your vinyl comes up with the carrier sheet you didn't press long enough. If that happens, lay it back on your shirt and press for another 15 seconds! Continue doing this until you can pull up your carrier sheet without pulling the vinyl up with it!

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